Why The Sizegenetics Extender Is Better Than Surgery

A lot of men are dissatisfied with the size of their member. This has led them to try out various techniques with the hope to see some increment.

For most men, size of the penis and their ability to perform sexually is directly associated with their confidence and self-esteem. This is one of the reasons why men resort to various techniques to improve their penis size.

There are a lot of different kinds of supplements and penis enlargement tools on the market today. Penis enlargement tools are especially popular with few of them even being verified by science.

The studies show extenders like sizegenetics to be highly effective in increasing the size of the penis. The mechanical traction built into these extenders stretch the penis, which in the long-run produce the desired results.

Extenders vs Surgery

Surgical procedures are capable of increasing the size of the penis from 1.3 cm to 2.5 cm. But surgical procedures require going under the blade. Different studies showed that the follow-up time after the surgery ranges anywhere from three to sixteen months.

Surgeries definitely work, but the cost of it might be too high, both literally and figuratively. Penis enlargement surgeries are expensive. Not to mention, you will need to be extra careful throughout the recovery process.

On the other hand, extenders are far easier to use and much cheaper. Also, PE extenders are considerably safer, provided you follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

The pros of the Sizegenetics far outweigh surgery. Get yours here!

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