After using Virility Ex for 90 days I’ve come to a conclusion..

I started taking Virility Ex because my  life was at the bottom of the barrel and I needed to do something about it!

So, I decided I would write this review to share my results.

(Update!) Don’t forget to check out the new Virility Ex reviews posted further down!

The official website where I purchased mine was

I could see that my girlfriend wasn’t happy with the way things were going in the bedroom.

It must have been age because I found that I couldn’t seem to get a full  anymore and it just felt weak and flimsy.

I think my girlfriend was starting to think I wasn’t attracted to here anymore which isn’t true.

I didn’t want to go to a doctor just yet.

So I went online to find out if there was anything I could do.

Well it turns out there are hundreds of products on the market and from what I can tell most of them are scams.

The was one product that stood out and seemed to have a lot of positive reviews called Virility Ex.

So I took the plunge and ordered myself 3 bottles.

Pretty soon they arrived and I was ready to start taking them.

Pic of virility ex bottles

I took 2 right away and I didn’t feel anything at first.

A few hours later me and my girlfriend were chilling on the sofa and she brushed up against me.

Within seconds I was hard as a rock and I did her on the sofa. 🙂

I had read somewhere that Virility Ex works fast but to feel the full effects you need to take it every day like a vitamin and the full effects will start to kick in after a week when your body adjusts to the ingredients.

It was only a few hours in and I was already seeing changes so I was looking forward to seeing where things were going.

So I started taking 2 per day.

After a week I had no doubts that Virility Ex worked.

For a start I was getting s left right and center.

And they were rock hard and much bigger than before.

It was almost like my  was on steroids.

I also noticed that when me and my girlfriend had  that I was lasting a lot longer which we both enjoyed. 🙂

And to top it all off I started ming SO MUCH.

Before Virility Ex I would get around 4-5 squirts and have weak s but after just a week of taking these pills I was getting around 8-10 squirts.

So I was ming a lot more and my s were more intense and lasted twice as long.

I wondered where it was all coming from!

Ever since I started taking them 3 months ago my  life has done a complete 180.

Me and my girl do it almost every day and the  is better than ever.

I am so glad that I found Virility Ex because it’s effective and it works fast.

I have no idea if there is anything better out there.

All I know is that if you’re suffering from weak s, pathetic s or would like to make your  larger when erect then I recommend you give Virility Ex a try.

My Personal Virility EX Results

These little pills have been a relationship saver for me. My  life with my girlfriend couldn’t really get any worse because I had the ual virility of a sloth.

Now for me personally I started to feel the effects of these pills on the very first day but I’ve heard from other users (Check the reviews) that for some guys it takes a week or so before the full effects start to kick-in.

So, you might feel the effects within hours of taking them or it may take a week for the ingredients to build up within your body before they start to work.

I think it probably depends a little bit on you age and current state of health and fitness.

Although I felt it working within hours the full effects took about a week for me to kick in as well.

Now it’s been 3 months here’s the full list of all the changes I’ve noticed thanks to the Virility Ex pills;

  • I have more energy and feel more youthful.
  • I wake up feeling fresher in the morning and not groggy, I just get up out of bed feeling great. I’ve also found that I need less sleep so I go to bed a bit later and still wake up feeling great.
  • My  drive has gone from 0 to 100 real quick. I just want to do-it all the time and now me and my girlfriend do it once or twice a day. A few times in the last few months we’ve even done it 3 times in one day.
  • My s are BIG and THROBBING and I swear they are almost an inch bigger than before and thicker too. My girlfriend has told me that I feel huge.
  • And I seem to last longer and  feels a lot more pleasurable.
  • The best thing of all is knowing that I can finally satisfy my girlfriend.

So those are my Virility Ex results and those are the reason why I’d recommend these pills if you’re looking for something to improve your  life.

I mean I went from barely being able to get it up to having my girlfriend calling me a -machine so if it worked for me then I feel confident it will work for you too.

Virility Ex Reviews

Below are a few of the reviews that were left in the comments section below by real customers and users of Virility Ex.

I’ve ordered MORE!

This was the third male enhancement product that I have tried and third times the charm as they say.

It took a few days before I felt anything. First of all I began noticing that I had more energy and felt a lot less tired.

Then I started noticing that I was getting s every day. Then me and my GF began doing it every day sometimes twice a day and she told me that I felt bigger.

These changes have led to a much better and closer relationship between my girlfriend and me.

They’re also very reasonably priced so I’ve ordered another 5 month supply to keep me going!

Jake T.

VirilityEx works!

I’m a college student and I’m 19 years old. I just wanted something that was going to give me some kind of a boost.

I feel like VirilityEx has done more than that. I have more focus and I started lifting weights and getting stronger.

I have also found that my s are like an inch bigger than before. I’m not kidding, my  looks longer and thicker and the other day I had great  with a girl from my class, it was my best performance so far.

Hope my review helps.

G Warren

Me and my wife love them!

I had almost given up on ever getting a proper  again. Don’t get me wrong I could get it up like every other day or so but my s were weak and would only get like 70% up.

My wife ordered these Virility Ex pills for me to try and help and at first I didn’t notice any changes until I had taken them for a while.

Halfway through my first bottle I found that I was getting it up daily and then before long I was getting full s again and then by the end of my first bottle they were throbbing hard.

I don’t know how they work but I’m thankful my wife found them and so is she. Needless to say I’ve ordered more.


Amazing pills

Dudes, you gotta try these pills. First day I tried them = biggest  of my life and I banged my gf for like 30 minutes.

The  feels so much better and more intense on this stuff too.

When you try this stuff you’ll never want to have  without them again.


The bed is rocking!

I never usually leave reviews but Virility Ex deserves it. I take 2 of these pills per day and I feel like I’m 21 again but even better.

My erect length used to be 6 inches but now when I get an  it’s 6.7 inches and rock hard.

So Virility Ex makes me 0.7 inches longer and thicker and my wife has told me that I fill her up more.

Me and the wife used to do it every other day and it was pretty meh but now we do it every day and the bed is rocking!

Thank you Virility Ex and guys this stuff works!


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What is Virility Ex?

Virility Ex is a male enhancement supplement made up of all natural ingredients for guys who would like to see a positive change in their  life.

They have sold over 5,000,000. That’s 5 MILLION bottles to over 400,000 customers and they have an 80% re-order rate meaning that 8 out of 10 customers are satisfied enough to order again.

E.D – If you currently suffer from E.D and you find it hard to get it up or keep it up then this product will change your life.

Virility booster – If you don’t have E.D and you just want a boost in virility then you won’t be disappointed either. You’ll find your -drive goes up and that you get bigger and harder s more often.

Although they are not and FDA approved product, all the ingredients are safe to consume and scientifically proven to be effective at improving ual functions.

1 bottle will cost you $49 + $6.95 shipping = $56.90

Or for an extra $23 you can get 3 bottles of Virility Ex because they have a buy 2 get 1 free offer.

Ordering is secure and delivery times are usually very fast and in plain packaging and if you have any problems then their contact details are on the website.

How do you use it?

You take 2 tablets daily with water. You may feel the effects within several hours or it may take up to a week before you feel the effects.

Once you start to feel the full affects you need to keep taking 2 pills per day otherwise the effects will go away.

The Ingredients

Zinc (as oxide) 15mg – Did you know that the main cause of E.D and low  drive is low levels of testosterone?

Men with low testosterone have 75% less zinc in them than the average healthy male.

One study showed that supplementing with zinc is beneficial for increasing testosterone levels and treating E.D.

Low testosterone and zinc levels will cause major problems with your libido and ual functions so Virility Ex contains 15mg of Zinc to help get your levels back to normal.

One study showed that 20 men with E.D who supplemented with Zinc noticed a big improvement in their ability to get an  again.

As it also helps to increase your testosterone levels you’ll find that you feel younger, stronger and healthier.

Selenium (as chelate) 200mcg – Selenium is an important ingredient because according to this study it increases  count and mobility which will lead to a big improvement is your ual satisfaction. I.e. you will  more and have more intense s.

Korean Ginseng (300mg) – This is a magical little plant found in Asia that takes 5 years to mature before it can be harvested.

As well as it’s proven ability to treat E.D it’s also proven it increase energy levels, decrease stress and strengthen your immune system.

Saw Palmetto (320mg) – This powerful ingredient comes from the berry of a palm like tree. According to the Mayo Clinic Saw Palmetto can help with E.D, loss of libido and improving overall ual functions.

It basically works by increasing testosterone levels and reducing estrogen levels. It will;

  • Increase  count.
  • Increase  drive.
  • Prevent hair loss.
  • Reduce inflammation.

Millions of men are now supplementing with this ingredient alone so it’s good to see a healthy dose of 320mg contained within Virility Ex.

Beta Sitosterols (600mg) – This ingredients according to Web MD is effective at enhancing ual activity.

It’ll also make you feel better as it helps reduce inflammation within the body and even reduces bad cholesterol levels.

Those are the Virility Ex ingredients and they’re all proven in some way to help improve your ual bodily functions.

When you put them all together you have a nice blend of ingredients which adds up to a powerful little supplement that is changing men’s  lives for the better.


After getting lots of questions about Virility Ex I decided to answer some of them here.

Do these pills increase size? They definitely increase the size of your erect s, not so much your flaccid length though. As you’ll see from the reviews some guys are finding that their s are almost an inch bigger and with more girth.

How and when do I take these pills? You take 2 per day.

What if I stop taking them? You know how Popeye gets stronger when he eats his spinach? Well it’s kind of like that. You only get the results for as long as you continue to take the pills. If you stop taking them then you will go back to the way you were before.

But while you’re on them you should take full advantage of the energy and strength boosts you’ll notice so start working out and making yourself healthier.

How long does it take to work? I felt the effects within a couple of hours and it took a week before I really started feeling good and feeling the full effects.

So, give it some time and suddenly you will feel it working and the effects will be undeniable.

Will it work for me? They have an 80% re-order rate so 8 out of 10 customers are happy with the effects Virility Ex provides so there’s a good chance that they will work for you too!

Is it safe to consume? All the ingredients are naturally occurring and are generally considered safe. So far, I’ve not heard of anybody having any major problems so I would consider them very safe.

I saw it for sale cheaper somewhere else.. Whatever you do, don’t buy from other websites like eBay because you see it for sale cheaper.

The only website that sells legitimate VirilityEx pills is the official website

The Pros and Cons of Virility Ex

Here are some of the pros and cons that I can think of;

The Cons

It may take some time to feel changes – Many users start to feel changes the same day but for some it takes a week or so to feel the full effects.

Non-permanent results – The changes are only present while you are consuming the pills. When you stop taking them the positive changes go away.

Having said that, you’ll have the same problem with any supplement. I’m just struggling to come up with some cons. 😊

The Pros

Fast results – Many guys find that it works fast and even if it takes a week for it to work that’s really not that long and it’s worth the wait.

Cheap – If you buy the buy 2 get 1 free offer or the buy 3 get 2 free offer then it works out around $25 a bottles which is about $0.83 per day.

That’s cheap in my book when you consider what it does.

Bigger and harder! – Most users find that they start getting hard s that are bigger than they’ve ever experienced before.

E.D cure – If you’re struggling to get it up or keep it up and you feel like your ual days are over then do yourself a favor and try Virility Ex because you may just be surprised..

Youthfulness – These pills help reduce estrogen and increase testosterone levels. This will make you feel younger, healthier, stronger and more energetic. You’ll feel like you can conquer anything!

Works for 80% of users – As you can see from the reviews there are lots of guys getting life changing results so they must be doing something right at the Virility Ex labs as they have an 80% reorder rate.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for some weird reason you’re not one of the 80% who are happy and want to reorder then you can feel secure knowing that they have a 90 day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied within 90 days then you can send your unused bottles back to them for a full refund.

Should you Buy Virility Ex Or Not?

I know for a fact that these pills work. They’ve worked wonders for me and the reviews show that they’re working for other guys too.

If you give this stuff a try then you can expect;

  • Bigger s up to 1 inch longer and thicker.
  • You’ll get s every day and a huge increase in your  drive.
  • More intense s and more ual satisfaction.
  • An increase in testosterone leading to better energy, strength and a feeling of youthfulness.
  • More confidence.
  • A more satisfied partner!

They’re proven to work for over 80% of users and if for some strange reason they don’t work for you then there’s also a 90-day money back guarantee.

To make sure that you buy the legitimate stuff and don’t get scammed make sure you only purchase from

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Do you think it will work for me because I’m in my 40’s?


Hello James, thanks for writing your review. I use virility ex too and I’m very happy so far.

I’m 32 and me and my gf are doing it a lot more often now and I get a lot harder than before.

I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks be so far so good.


Hey Jumbo, good to hear. Do you still use it?


Thanks for taking the time to write about Virility Ex. I hope it works for me too!


I was using this chinese product that worked great but it got banned and they stopped making it. Since then I’ve tried lots of other products and none of them are as good as Virility Ex. Powerful stuff!


How many are you takin a day Robert? I will be buying soon.


Will this stuff help you last longer? I only last a few minutes and want to last like 30. Is that possible with Virility Ex?


Man there’s so many of these products for sale and they all look the same. I took a chance and ordered some Virility Ex. I hope it works for me too!

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