The bed is rocking!

I never usually leave reviews but Virility Ex deserves it. I take 2 of these pills per day and I feel like I’m 21 again but even better. My erect length used to be 6 inches but now when I get an  it’s 6.7 inches and rock hard. So Virility Ex makes me 0.7 inches View Full →

Amazing pills

Dudes, you gotta try these pills. First day I tried them = biggest  of my life and I banged my gf for like 30 minutes. The  feels so much better and more intense on this stuff too. When you try this stuff you’ll never want to have  without them again.

Me and my wife love them!

I had almost given up on ever getting a proper  again. Don’t get me wrong I could get it up like every other day or so but my s were weak and would only get like 70% up. My wife ordered these Virility Ex pills for me to try and help and at first I View Full →

VirilityEx works!

I’m a college student and I’m 19 years old. I just wanted something that was going to give me some kind of a boost. I feel like VirilityEx has done more than that. I have more focus and I started lifting weights and getting stronger. I have also found that my s are like an View Full →

I’ve ordered MORE!

This was the third male enhancement product that I have tried and third times the charm as they say. It took a few days before I felt anything. First of all I began noticing that I had more energy and felt a lot less tired. Then I started noticing that I was getting s every View Full →

Sizegenetics Works!

Extenders like his are proven to work, that’s what I heard anyway. After reading about so many success stories and seeing the pics couldn’t help but try it myself. I was skeptical in the beginning and was expecting to ask for a refund but less than 4 weeks after using it I was starting to View Full →

Added an extra 1.5 inches!

As a man in my 50s I wondered whether my body would even be capable of adding length to my . I tried the Sizegenetics extender and have used it to add an extra 1.5 inches so all I can say is that if it works for me then it will work for anybody.

5 stars because it works great

I gave up using my euroextender because the thing kept making my dick feel numb and like it was going to fall off. I wanted to use an extender though because they’re proven to work. Anyways, I heard the size genetics extender didn’t cut off the circulation and it had a money back guarantee so View Full →

I’ve gained 1cm already.

My S.G came with a bunch of straps and stuff. I prefer the wide strap as it feels the most comfortable and I can wear it for hours on end with no breaks. I really feel a good stretch with this extender and I know it’s working because I’ve gained 1cm already. I tried wearing View Full →

Finally living up to the hype!

As a black guy I find that women come on to me all the time thinking that I’ve got a big dick but I’m about average at 6 inches. I ordered the size genetics extender 6 months ago and have been sticking to the Yb interactive schedule and it worked better than I could have View Full →