How Long Will It Take To Gain An Inch With The Sizegenetics?

Sizegenetics has been around for over two decades starting in 1995.

A lot of users have tried this extender over the years, and we’ve read hundreds and thousands of positive reviews of the device by now.

However, one thing that varies from a person to person is the time it takes to produce the desired results.

Recommended Usage

The company recommends that you use this penis extender for at least six hours every day.

But it might be difficult to start off with such high strain on your penis in the early days. So, we suggest that you start off slow and stay in your comfort zone.

You also need to remember that penis enlargement is a gradual process. You cannot expect any miraculous results overnight or even a week later. There might be various techniques you could try alongside using a penis extender.

Jelqing is a popular technique people use to increase the size of their penis. It has also been verified by various clinical studies.

1 Inch Gain

If your goal is to gain 1 inch with the sizegenetics extender, you need to be patient.

You will not see temporary gains with sizegenetics. But using this device for at least three months should provide you with the benefits you want.

You can get your Sizegenetics here!

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