Extender Vs Pumps – What’s The Difference?

Extender and pumps have become all the rage over the last few years as tools for  enlargement.

Millions are spent every single year on these products.

But which ones better and why?

First let’s look at what pumps do..

Pumps like the Hydromax basically cause a vacuum effect around your  by expelling water and forcing your member to expand.

This causes your member to grow larger.

The Benefits of Pumps;

  • They work immedietely.
  • They’re easy and simple to use.
  • If used long term the pumping can cause real growth.

The Downsides of Pumps;

  • They’re not as effective as extenders when it comes to long term growth.
  • The effects only last 12-24 hours.
  • They can cause short term fluid retention.
  • More for girth than length.

Now let’s look at extenders..

An extender is a device that you lock onto your member. It then expands and stretches outwards.

The most popular extender being sold online is the SizeGenetics.

The good thing about extenders is that they are the only medically proven way apart from surgery to enlarge the size of your member.

You can see from this study by the B.J.U that they work.

The Benefits of Extenders;

  • They are scientifically proven to increase size.
  • You can gain over an inch with them.
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to surgery.

The Downsides of Extenders;

  • They take a long time (3-6 months) to get results.
  • More for length than girth.

Conclusion: Because pumps are for girth and extenders are for length it makes sense to use them both together which is what many guys are doing these days.

If I could choose just one then I would go for the extender as it has more proof behind it that it works.

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